Tips to keep your Hair healthy

Are you dreaming of having long, silky, voluminous and healthy hair? Everyone wants strong, silky, and smooth hair and that too perfect hair shape. Every woman is obsessed with thick, voluminous hair that has shine and adds beauty to their personality which is difficult to achieve. In today’s age where extreme dyeing jobs and straightening of […]

Nail Art

If you like to have wonderful nails and stay up to date on the latest nail art and nail polish trends, then you are at right place. We’ve got the scoop on all the latest products and tools, like updating your hands at home and keeping your nails healthy and copying the nail trends of […]

Hair Removal products and techniques

Every woman is different, so there is no single method. Maybe you have a low tolerance for pain. Or maybe you are very busy and do you want a quick and easy method? Your preferences and lifestyle will have a big impact on whatever you choose. No matter the time of year, many people want […]

How to keep your Hair healthy

Strong, voluminous and vibrant hair can increase your confidence and makes you feel like a diva. Long, thick and strong hair adds charm to the person’s personality. You will found various kinds of advice regarding conditioning, oiling and shampooing your hair. Your mother will advise you to oil your hair regularly. Some people will advise […]

How to take care of your Skin

Sometimes you may feel like it is impossible and difficult to take care of your skin, usually when you wake up and find a huge pimple on your nose or on your face. If you don’t have time for profound skin care, need not to panic you just needs to follow some basic and easy […]

What Qualities a Good Makeup Artist Must Have

Makeup artist is the one who uses different tools and skills to either transform or to do makeover of the face. From smoky eyes to doing highlights and even for theatre purpose that is applying prosthetics and beautifying brides for reception and party, makeup artists are artists in the true sense. Makeup artist should have […]

Best Hair Styling and make-over is must for party

Getting ready for any event is not mere good dress but perfect makeup. Makeup is highlighting of your features that match your outfit and gives you a complete makeover and a perfect glamorous look. For a diva-like look you need to accentuate the beauty for which makeup is must. There are different party make-over mentioned […]

Keep your Skin Healthy with beauty products

The best sign of healthy skin is the “glow” on the face. There are several factors that are responsible for dull skin such as pollution, dust, age, stress, improper sleep, smoking, sunburn, harmful radiations from the sun etc. It is important to make daily skin care routine for clear and glowing skin. Taking care of […]

Keep your hair healthy by Hair Spa

What comes in your mind after hearing word ‘spa’? So, most of us link it with a massage or kind of relaxing or rejuvenating. That is actually true massage can be of head, body and foot. It has gained worldwide popularity and gone beyond imagination in just few years. It includes massage with herbal oils, […]

How to Do a Root Touch-Up

Root Touch-Up mainly depends on your hair growth. If your hair grows fast then you have to dye your hair according to your requirement i.e. once or twice in a month. Usually people prefer color that matches with their natural hair color. It is important to keep the color of your hair fresh by hiding […]